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I usually dont use clay epoxy to fill voids like this, just because it takes time to mix the stuff. Other than that it works great. Again for you folks that have not seen my other threads as of how to make it.... It is really simple. You use your regular epoxy, and simply add plaster....silica...or any other filler you choose. I have even used papermache, just because I did not have anything else.... Either mix the filler in each part, or if you have a 1 hr+ cure polymer, I just mix the epoxy, and then add the filler. Either will work. You do need to plan on that as the epoxy heats up during curing, the mix gets thinner, so mix in the filler to the consistency of hard playdo.

I then just filled the sides with clay epoxy, and to be safe, as I am mixing in a 32 deg. garage, under a heat lamp, I add the alu tape to hold it all in place, just in case it starts running a bit. Note I am working on a vertical side surface.... Curing...


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