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I hope to make it to the VMX at Unadilla next year, I have offered to drive the truck and be the "mechanic" for Trey Jorski, #49 on the Kawasaki in the pics, we'll see if it works out. He was a up and coming pro back in the '70's with a lot of potential until he got sideways with the AMA. I still need to post my VMX pics from Jeeps MC Club, gotta make a thread in old school...
Trey Jorski was pretty much kicking ass and taking names at Unadilla's first VMX last June that freaking guy flies. He rode a lot of classes and most on a KX400 down pipe that looked basically stock. Him and Trampas Parker were the only ones who could hang with Guy Cooper. What a treat it was seeing those guys. I knew Lackey and all the usual suspects would be there, Weinert, Hansen, Gary Jones (they seem to be very active with the VMX) but had no idea Stanton and Cooper and Parker would be there. I'd like to know more about Trey Jorski that guy FREAKING HAULS ASS. They all rode some of the Team Bul Bultaco's also and Trampas Parker was killing it. A real treat. The great thing about these VMX events is the chance to chat and hang with these guys. Just listening to them chat with other people is cool. Lackey busted on Barnett by quoting the "how does 5 laps sound boys" and everyone got a laugh. While there weren't 1000's of people there enough riders were there so it felt "crowded" but to be able to walk out on that track while it was being ridden (good luck getting out there during a National) was priceless. Even Mick Andrews was there who besides being a trials legend also did some MX in his day and can still ride it. Guy must be in his 60's. Hopefully the events will grow it really was about as cheap an entertainment value as you could find. Great stuff and looking forward to seeing more 90's riders show up I was just shocked to see Stanton and it was a real treat. See you in June!
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