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I'd spent a little time with a couple Coyotes in DV before. They're fairly tame and just want food (of course, they're unpredictable and could definitely tear someone up properly if they wanted to). Definitely never a good idea to feed wild animals--for their health and your own safety--but anyone who's read this far knows how much I like bad ideas. :) What I did discover was that unlike dogs, these guys aren't used to taking food from someone's hand and error on the side of going too far when judging distances. Though the little fucker moved up pretty slowly, he lunged at the last minute, made a horrific kind of growling/gulping sound, opened his jaws far, far too wide and would have nailed my fingers if I hadn't pulled back and dropped the grub.

When I was all out of food I jumped back on the bike and took off. And when I looked in the rear view mirror I saw them both chasing me down. I slowed down and they just ran with me as if the Ducati was some sort of snarling alpha male they felt safe being near. Was a very cool man/machine/wild animal moment. I couldn't have asked for a better sendoff, especially considering what was coming next.
Been following your report for awhile but havent posted up yet. these pics finally did it. this series of pics are great! too bad you couldn't have gotten him grabbing for it but self preservation always wins.
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