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Originally Posted by Butters View Post
Anybody have any thoughts on replacement batteries?

My Yuasa seems to be getting a bit tired. I was going to replace it with a Odyssey PC310, but the retailer was out of them and the specs on that battery aren't so great (lower CCA than the Yuasa). What I'm really looking for is some increased capacity. I really can't find a Deka retailer.

The retailer (Batteries Plus) stocks a direct AGM replacement (Xtreme Permaseal, Taiwan). I like that it is AGM, but am hesitant to get an off-brand.

I'm considering a LiFEPO4 (Shorai, Antigravity, etc), but researching that is giving me a headache. The plus side is that I can put a more potent battery in the same space.
I researched this ad naseum a year ago, and took a LOT of notes on my learnings... see my linky HERE and search for Battery:

And here is the shorter version of my LiFePO4 mod I ended up with including pictures.

Keep in mind that this was a year ago and much has changed with the LiFePO4 vendors, quality, etc.

Hands down I would get a LiFePO4 (let's just call it Lithium) if I was to do it again. Simply because of the high cranking capacity and the fact that lithiums are SO small you can get a lot more capacity that you really need. They are only good for cranking amps (as opposed to a deep cycle), meaning don't run them down by using accessories without the motor running, then recharge them, or you will have problems, this chemistry is only for cranking amps. I know this has let people down and some don't like them because of that. They are not the same as lead acid.
Also, if I rode in a really cold climate (well below freezing) I might also think twice. Those are the only drawbacks IMHO (besides $$$).

As to brands, it changes a lot. A relative new brand (from a Colorado company) is EarthX which I see inmate herrhelmet is selling is now selling instead of the brand I bought from him a year ago. It has some cool balancing circuitry built into it and I think that is the one I would buy, but I have done NO research on it's reliability which is key.

Matter of fact it's 10 degrees F outside (30 F in my garage) and my bike hasn't been started for a month, and I just went out and started it up, fired up on the 2nd crank.
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