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Jachard, here in Korea the riding is a bit, well, cavalier? Bikes can and do get away with anything/everything. All the speed cameras point toward the fronts of vehicles and of course plates are at the back. No physical police presence to speak of, anywhere in the country really (other than Seoul). Add that to 45 Million people in an area the size of New Jersey, and you can imagine the bikes rule. Thus, getting from where you live to the "riding roads" is a bit of a free for all. This is the sort of riding that melted my TKC 80's in a flash. One moment you're running through a dirt field to go around 80 cars lined up at a stop light. The next, you're running down a sidewalk and launching off the end ahead of traffic...then you're doing 80 mph since you have the highway clear in front of you. My TKC's virtually melted.

I'm expecting better with the K60's, how is the mileage at these speeds, with your pressure settings? I think I'll be on them all summer. we'll see how they do here.
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