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One farkle I've been looking into lately has been a way to connect to the high beam wire to trip the high beam bypass system or controller for aux lighting. Some people want to use a posi-tap on the high beam wire which is fine; but the best idea that I've seen so far is the one from Clearwater Lights used on the their Krista's setup; which uses a male / female plug configuraton that has an extra wire coming out of it to trigger the controller. Truly a plug and play setup. Nice. They don't sell components (otherwise I would have bought their wiring kit), so I'm on a hunt to find compatible plugs for the back of that headlight assembly.
On my GS I posi-tapped into the high beam wire when installing my Kristas. On my GSA sidecar rig I used the transgender plug you mentioned and wow, talk about an easy installation!
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