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Well, it's time to update this. I've been pretty productive this weekend, but I haven't updated as frequently as I normally do. I know myself, if I let myself get too far behind, I'll get lazy and abandon the build thread rather than face the work of catching up, so I'd better just stay on top of it!

I knew I would be spending hours on wiring this weekend, so I decided to go ahead and bring the old girl into the comfort of the house. Her temporary (just ask my wife!) home:

What I had accomplished before this weekend:

My set up and one of my dogs wondering what the hell I was up to!

Baby steps, but some progress:

A brown/black mystery wire that is still causing me concern:

I got as far as I could, and then started a separate thread here asking for help:

A huge thanks to bmweuro and Big Bamboo for their assistance. I really don't know what I would do without this site! After posting the help thread and while waiting for replies, I moved on to wiring the frame and associated work. I had to clean up the horn before I could mount and wire it. Honestly, I expected to need to buy a new horn down the road, but it cleaned up really nicely.

Before (sorry for the blur, I was trying to focus on the pitting):

Getting there:


Then I needed to paint the horn bracket. I decided to paint a few other pieces while at it.

Down to the "paint booth":


I also cleaned up and painted these fender braces and the steering dampener plate (sorry, no after shots yet):

I didn't see a need to replace the wiring harnesses. All of my wiring is in great shape, just dirty. So I spent some time scrubbing each harness before installing it.

Main harness in place loosely, spark plug wires in place:

Taillight wires pulled through the subrame. I was worried about this - I really thought it was going to be hard to push these wires back through the subframe, but it went very smoothly.

Starter wired:

Polished up horn and newly painted bracket mounted:

Speedo cable installed:

Hard to see here, but wires are tidied up some with zip ties:

And that's where I stand for now. Still working out a few concerns on the headlight wiring, but getting closer. I'm not really happy with the headlight wiring right now, but my main concern is just to get everything connected. Next time I need a project - maybe next winter - I'll go back in and try to make it as tidy as some of the amazing examples I've seen on this site (bpeckm's comes to mind immediately, as does elite-less' latest proejct). I don't see any reason I shouldn't be able to try firing her up within the next week or so. I need to buy a battery, and I need new muffler clamps, but other than that, things are looking pretty good!
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