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Great links Snooker - Thanks!

I'm leaning toward a lithium, but reliability is my #1 priority. (which is why I was headed toward the Odyssey in the first place). Other than perhaps being the best known and having what sounds like good customer service, Shorai seems to have some quality issues and exaggerated specs. I like your point about the A123s having a good track record. But they also are geared more toward cranking amps than capacity. I'm hoping it is moot, since I would fit the largest Li battery that would fit. This would hopefully give me extra reserve and extra CCA to minimize cold start issues with the Li battery. I'm leaning toward 12/18 cell replacements, some of which have 300+ CCA.

I like that the EarthX batteries have the the balancing circuit. But even there, it is a recent add-on and I wonder if the benefits of it are outweighed by an additional, relatively untested, potential failure point. EarthX and Antigravity are currently my frontrunners.

Much of my miles are commute miles with the bike idling. With my heated grips and lights, the voltage will drop down to about 12V at stoplights. The bike has no problem at speed, but some added reserve capacity would bring some peace of mind. The Li batteries can give me that reserve capacity, but I might be losing some peace of mind based on the numerous failures I've read about.
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