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RE: coyotes, we have a veritable plague of them on Cape Cod. When I say "plague" I mean that due to humans messing up the habitat, coyotes are overpopulated and too "tame" for their own good, becoming dependent on "unnatural" food sources.

At any rate, what I'm attempting to get at is that trying to feed a coyote is, as you note, a bad idea, but how bad can depend on the context. In DV, I imagine you stand a fair chance of leaving with your fingers intact and the majority of platelets still on the inside where they belong. On Cape Cod, not so much. My wife and I have had coyotes display some serious attitude while we are walking in the woods -- with our 80-lb. pit bull/Lab mix alongside.

Stay safe and be sure to count fingers before and after the next feeding [grin]. Remember, you can put them to much better use -- clutch & brake come to mind -- than the coyote.

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