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Blader: Forgot about those damn birds, but you're right--they were fatally attracted to the Duc!

lucati: It's been a very long time....especially if you consider that it was actually April 19th when I first left LA on my Triumph!

dmun: if only I had it on video!

Hypergirl: no growling. They showed nothing but deference to the Pani. :)

Frosty_spl: initially they both circled me--neither on the same side, which was a little unnerving. Always seemed to have one in front and the other behind me. It felt like a choreographed dance. Then they ignored me and did the same to the bike.

Lolodesiles: I played it safe--when out in the middle of nowhere I'd stop and gas up even if I still had 2/3 of a tank left. And that saved my butt in a few instances--in some places there are no "next gas 130 miles" signs.

flumpmaster: Dude! Congratulations! PM me and let me know what your impressions are of the bike, I'd love to hear what you think about it. Very cool.

danham: I hear you. Their body language was anything but threatening, but wild animals are wild animals. Anything that survives in Death Valley, though, I think is deserving of a free meal every now and then. Have no idea how these little bastards survives without water the other 364 days of the year. Adaptation at its finest!
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