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Originally Posted by Dirty bike View Post
And I'm glad you're here! Sorry you're stuck in the snow/ice. With ADV, you never know who will be lurking about.

When I first found this thread I read thru some of the earlier posts and it seemed like there were a few more EU peeps playing. Considering the current tag, stud up and go for it! First grab is likely very, very close to the bike right now... Wouldn't be the first garage shot tag I've seen.

Unfortunately, neither do I have a Smart, nor a garage... So this ain't gonna work.
I'm also living a bit in the mountains and there is no way I could get my bike up the steep gravel driveway to the street with snow and ice. And even if I did, the road down to the valley would be too dangerous to ride in these conditions.
Plus I don't wanna screw the Viffer with all the bloody salt on the roads.
Winter = no riding in Valais. Gotta be patient for a couple months. It was hard for me to accept that as well, in Berlin I rode through winter all those years. But after a dozen of near crashes and countless times of dropping the bike and swearing in my helmet while freezing to death I learned my lesson.
Before you judge someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you judge them you are a mile away and you have their shoes.

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