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Part Two (No Moe.ron)

Unfortunately, moe.ron had commitments that would keep him from riding today

I have to ride today, tomorrow is rain and its back to work after my paternal leave period on Monday.

So, it’s off to Santa Barbara today. Close to the coast, so temps are milder overall. Warmer in winter and cooler in summer than the inland stuff, it also means the weather can be hit or miss, mainly the fog. Last time we were here, it was raining lots, clouded in and moe.ron never knew what he was riding by. That ride was miserable, but it was definitely memorable and a great test of gear….which mine are not even close to waterproof anymore.

Yes, this is moe.ron, wearing cotton jeans during a rain storm , any gear suggestions?

I know you froze your ass off that day

I followed the weather from Thursday till now, it didn’t look good…but I was still willing to give it a try, I’m kind of stupid like that…I never want to sit home and look at radar screens wondering what could have been. What’s the worse that happens?

I get a little wet or cold or both…let’s stow the mangina and get into this shit

The ride today was going to Refugio Pass Road to West Camino Cielo onto East Camino Cielo to Aqua Caliente and home…roughly 200 miles, @ 75 on dirt..

Butler Maps call these PMT..Paved Mountain Trails, no guard rails, one vehicle wide, no real signage and beautiful views (just don't get caught looking for too long)

First it’s droning up the 101, which is quite the hair raising adventure in and of itself. Richey Rich’s with their 100+ sports car, white collars with 80k SUVs, silicone princess in their Euro Convertibles all doing 90mph to get to the SBUX, Country Club, Godknowswhere..Would not look up long enough from the Eye Phone to even notice the thump that was moe.ron or myself..but we have a place to be and the highway is going to our quickest way...


Exit on Refugio Pass, great road, cow country with green rolling hills, lemon farms, honey farms, horse ranch, and pot holes, lots of pot holes

free gif animator

Signs suggest that things will be getting interesting soon

Camino, translates to Path

Cielo, translates to Heaven

Camino Cielo..Path to Heaven…finally brother moe.ron!! We are on the road to Heaven!! 2

With translations like that, West and East Camino Cielo Roads ought to be pretty fucking spectacular

Let’s just hope the road conditions aren’t too wet, muddy or icey…I am not ready for that.


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