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Pinevalley and Traveltoad - A heartfelt thank you for taking the time to answer my posts. The pics have finally enabled my two brain cells to function properly and generate an understanding for how the system operates. A tip to Kreiga would be to utilize assume of these pics to add to your website to better fill out the function and operation methodology behind the bags for us dolts.

Since that over the seat strap is my main concern with this system....................would there be any reason why that buckle strap could not simply be replaced with two 3' straps of Velcro? This would provide the adjustment needed and yet lay flat on the seat, thus over coming the issue of the buckle inhibiting ergonomics? Not sure if this would work or not but it seems the load would be pulling in a direction that a 3" Velcro strap should endure.

Another question. Also when not fully loaded has does the system fare? I have visions of 3 feet of each strap dangling about and getting caught up everywhere.

Again thanks for the education.
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