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Originally Posted by HolyCannoli View Post
Sorry to hear that there are others. When is the last time you called him? I am going to start calling him again just because. I would be interested to see if the number you have is the same as mine.

How are ya?

The number I'm using is 0040747842490, I'm mailing and

Before I paid I called to make sure I was talking to the right person via the e-mails because I mailed the office, but got the reply from the Laura address. I got through no bother that day. But not any more.

It's such a shame, the boxes I got are top class, I love them, but without the frames and brackets it's just a pain and money I haven't got to waste. I'm trying to find someone around me here who can make some for a good price, but it will take me a good while to save the cash again. It took over a year to pay the first time for the set. I had planned to save and buy the top box this year, but no way now.

But hey, it's good to get something, but I'm guessing that how this place operates. Send them something, that way lots will go away without making too much bother.

I don't understand why they wouldn't put them in with the boxes when they posted them.

Hope you have better luck then me getting your stuff. I'm got going to stop trying. No way should a thieving fu** like this be allowed to continue. I hope the fuc**r gets what's coming to him.
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