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Originally Posted by norm67 View Post
I want to know the obvious expenses ( registration etc.) and the not so obvious expenses the ones that you didn't expect or anticipate.
I would like to do my own show use my support people and support equipment.
I have been 2 times as rally support in S.America and this year only shipped some supplies to Lima, but I have mega experience racing and here's my take...
If you aren't comfortable with simply guestimating on 90k then don't bother. And with your "own show" go ahead and double it.
You're going to start with the link above and multiple visits to Jimmy (see thread "i want to do Dakar the right way") and a bike set-up to learn.
Then later you'll build or have built (my suggestion) or rent a race bike.
Then of course the actual event.
To supply your "own show", holy crap, expensive. Shoot, I just sent a support vehicle to Dakar this year and shipping 1-way was $13k plus my expenses of about $7k. And I guess IF it ever comes back to the US it'll be more shipping $$ and it will probably be destroyed (was worth about $41k).
Why do that when you can hook up with Rally Pan Am, Freedom, or even Dez Rose who have all the supplies you'd want and tons you wouldn't even think of and the crew aren't rookies so they know the ins & outs of how it goes down. If you had a rookie crew they would be lost, really.
Plus, it would be a smart idea to do more learning like Americans Mike J. & Pete H. did last year by going to the Dakar as support on others teams just to get a clue how it happens (good thinking) or even another smaller rally to learn.
So IMO the actual cost to go do Dakar is not even close to the big picture.
There's always Malles Moto.
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