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These are some pics from my trip to Dawson City last summer. The bike has fared pretty well, besides for some manufacturer issues that BMW needs to address. The first being the oil fill cap that was machined with a flaw that allowed oil to weep out of the fill cap. Secondly, a faulty gasket on the fuel tank that allowed fuel to leak after being filled. I definitely will be investing in a lower front fender, fork guards (as I blew a fork seal on the way to Dawson), possibly the high seat (Is it that much more comfortable to justify the cost?).

I am currently in planning phase for a trip from Fairbanks, AK to Seattle, WA this coming August for a friends wedding. What upgrades do you recommend for the trip? Do you think the Sertao is a good choice for the 4,000 mile round trip? I definitely will be investing in a set of those highway pegs, where can you purchase those at? Any advice and/or recomendations is appreciated. This will be my first very long distance ride.
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