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Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
I'll likely be flying over Gainesville this week on my way to St Pete. If you see a minimalist (2 seat) plane fly over, it's me.
Dude, most of the planes out of and into Gville have rubber bands

Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
Nice mud guard. What's left to make the bike run?
Turning into a medium-term project, hoping the end is in sight. Newest issue is the low compression. Needs a ring job, dug into it more and the piston is a 1 over (0.5mm) plus an icky cylinder and valves. Going to take the piston and cylinder to a machine shop and get them spec'd, then either go with new rings or a 1.0mm over piston.

It's fun getting a project bike that's been through 3 hands of "experts"; missing pieces, bits that are in the wrong places, and stuff that's plain wrong. Then there's the natural decay of a bike that remembers when the Mets won the series
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