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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
A side by side IS a green sticker bike. You CAN ride a green sticker bike up to the DVNP boundary and on BLM land surrounding DV.
Sure, but where we saw them they were close to/on their way into the Park.

I guess cops can ride green sticker vehicles in DV.

Funny thing was, right after I snapped that photo of their trailer a DV Park Ranger came by and was also taking photos of the trailer. Must have been exciting they were there.

Originally Posted by Rob.G View Post
I've never made it to Steel Pass or Eureka Dunes while in DV... that's definitely on my list.


It's a beautiful sight to see and worth the efforts to get out there for sure. I'd imagine Big Pine/DV Rd will get packed down, making it accessible to just about anyone on any bike if you go that route. The Steel Pass route is much rougher, but still fun and has it's own beauty.

Here's a few more photos of some DV roads so you can decide for yourself if it looks like fun for whatever bike you're riding. I was the pack mule on a loaded up G650GS with 90/10 DS-street tires, Nancy on a pretty lightly loaded CRF250L for this ride.

Big Pine/DV road

Saline Valley Road

Lippencott Pass

Cerro Gordo @ 6200' is where it iced up and I couldn't get any further on the GS, scouted ahead on the Honda though. It was about 20 mid day up there so I don't see the ice melting anytime soon.

Steel Pass, the easier and more scenic part near the top.

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