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Originally Posted by The Savage Rabbit View Post
I My dad taught me to hunt. We never did anything mechanical.

If you are reasonably mechanically inclined, you can do a lot of the work. The hardest part of working on your bike or car is troubleshooting the problem. If you are doing maintenance, or pre-emptive work, there is no troubleshooting. You will know what you are doing. Jusy follow the directions. Get a service manual and check out the H.O.W. All wrenching is is removing bolts and putting them back on. Stay organized, take pictures, if you don't know, ask. The Orange Crush is an AMAZING resource and ADVRider is the most helpful clan I have ever come across. You can do it. Is is very rewarding, and sometimes even fun. Yeah, you will have bleeding knuckles from time to time. Sure you will want to throw parts across the garage, or go wild with a mallet. But there are also times when you have a beer in hand, tunes on the hi-fi, and everything is just in the groove. All the world fades off and it is you, your bike, the smell of grease and metal, and an intimacy known only to those who wrench.
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