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dinner to discuss dakar anytime

Hi again Norm,

It would be a pleasure to meet up with you or any of the others who are serious about doing it. I'll give you the true picture as best I can. About 5 minutes after my engine failure, I was already trying to figure out how to improve (my own driving skills, the car's reliability, etc.) for next time. It is such an amazing experience that "regular life" becomes really boring.... And my job is pretty heavy! But Dakar is still more challenging and stimulating.

I'll say one last thing since I'm in a reflective mood....

Doing it in a car is really tough - definitely the toughest thing you can do in a car. But doing it on a bike is the true challenge. I race it in a car but my spirit is always from biking. I go out of my way to help the bikers. I carried a spare handlebar and clutch kit in my car for Pat but we both agreed I'd give it to whoever needed it. Last year, we found an exhausted biker in the dunes. I jumped out of the car, kick-started his bike (battery was dead) and rode his bike the last 300 m to the top of the dune complex to get him out of there.

The bikers are the true heroes of the dakar.

(the true assholes are the Kamaz trucks)

good luck!
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