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Originally Posted by tlwood99 View Post
Bike, gear, guide, photographer and cook! Hell of an idea and a heck of a value! Best of luck with this new venture!

Tom W.

Thanks Tom!

Originally Posted by RAZR View Post
i get 10% of profits for use of my pic
Profits? Going to be a long time on that one. LOL

Originally Posted by PhoenixGirl63 View Post
I'd love to do this! First, I need to take dirt bike classes (still a noob)... and finish grad school (August).

What rider skill level do you think would best be suited for this trip?

What a great idea for a business, and your pictures are amazing!

Thank you!

Skill level.... well you will need to have a MC endorsed license, which means you should be able to operate a bike.
I've been leading my partner Nancy on rides since she first sat on a bike, which has given me a better perspective riding with a n00b as to what's hard and what's not. But everyone is different. My point is I can tailor any ride to accommodate anyone who can ride a bike to have FUN, the CRF250L is just perfect for less aggressive riders on dirt.
I might even be able to get Nancy to tag along, she can share what's helped her learn, but nothing we can offer will substitute some professional training, though I can offer seat time in beautiful places which is also important to grow as a rider.
I can help any rider gain good experience, and will be happy to share the things I've learned in my travels like changing tires trailside, packing a bike, moto-photography basics, etc.
Come on out!

Originally Posted by Bump Stop View Post
What does it cost if I drop your berg off a cliff? I did that with my 300 a couple weeks ago, luckily it got caught on a tree.
One Million Dollars.

Ten Grand for the bike, the rest for emotional pain for me.
Bike in a tree?... that's a new one, hope you weren't injured.

Originally Posted by SuchesRider View Post
What months of the year are you offering these tours? SuchesRider
I probably wont offer any tours in the summer, as it's just too hot here to ride many of the places pictured, and I'm usually booked with other work anyways. The rest of the time just check in with me for availability.

Nancy and I just returned from a quick Death Valley ride, here's some more photos of where YOU could be with YOU in these photos...
We trailered out this time and setup base camp at one of the many public cabins around the DV area, then camped off the bikes. Worked out perfectly.

I will be catching up with all the PM's and emails with peoples inquiries very shortly.

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