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during the 450 main they showed some aerial shots of Barcia (in more ways than one..) on some of the bigger jumps. those whips he does are sick but it is my guess that those also have to gain him serious laptime advantages over those who either don't whip or don't whip to that extreme. that kid has one thing that the other's don't and it's inside his head. the others want to win - he expects to win and he knows he can and it could prove a lethal combination. but again those whips, and I saw them up close at the skyshot at Unadilla last august are f'ing sick and are a clear advantage it is almost that he somehow is still accelerating as he is coming back down to terra firma as opposed to a launch into the air that physics dictates should lose speed. that kid is fearless and this could get ugly for orange green yellow and blue bikes.
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