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Barcia was doing some crazy whips in qualifying and Reed actually out did him with a monster one.

However, from what I was seeing, Barcia (and all of them for that matter) were keeping the showmanship way, way down in the race. It was very businesslike over the triple, triple, single. We were right in front of the section where Davalos launched it so we had a good view of all the aerial action. It was cool to hear them rap out the rev limiter or do a brake tap to control the flight path.
When Barcia got the good start, he immediately checked out. This gave him a huge advantage. All of the guys were taming down the jumps when in traffic. They would often triple, double, double our section when it was tight. Much slower that way, while Barcia is continuing to check out.
Don't get me wrong, he looked really, really good, but his starts helped him a bunch!!

Who was the Kawi rider that moved over on Dungey? That was wicked. I just saw him being forced wide and the next thing I know he and his bike are coming off a tough block like a helicopter. Those guys are beasts to get up after those get-offs and just blast off at top pace!

RV was taking the sandy berm corner at a pace that was easily 150% of everyone else! I hope some pics show up of him dragging his bars through there. He was amazing on that corner. He could take it high or inside and just blast through with incredible speed. Wow.

Tomac was the smoothest rider of the night. Just putting down laps-real fast laps with great style and smoothness. He will rule next year. Roczen is close and may pull off a win or two if Tomac falters, but only if.

Canard is way cool. He just has a good vibe about him. (Don't go there). He smiles and is having fun. I have a new repect for him that I should of had a long time ago.

Speaking of Davalos, was that incredible or what? By all rights he should have been hauled off in the meat wagon and then he comes back with THAT! badass of the night!

I have been studying the two styles of RV and RD and have come to the conclusion that if the track has good inside lines, Dungey will do good. If it's loose and it favors the fast high lines, RV will romp. No one can turn an inside line like Dungey. Lots of guys can fly in the corners, but he has a knack for carrying speed in the inside where there is nothing. Just my opinion.

Chase field sucks. Can you believe that it's 40 degrees outside and they have the sides off the stadium all day and letting the cold fucking soak in? I have never seen 50,000 people so cold INDOORS in my life.

Everyone was so cold that they were wearing blankets, buying hoodies and wishing for gloves. There was one stand selling coffee (that I could see) on our level and it had a line of around an hour. Fuck that. The guys selling cold beer were complaining that who in their right mind would hang onto a cold beer in temps like that.

The bathrooms were a hygenic disaster. No soap, and all the paper towel dispensers were empty before 7:00 PM. So you have 50,000 guys pissing without washing their hands. Un-funking acceptable.

The pits are fenced like a maze, stuffed and jammed around the downtown area so that it takes forever to get through that convoluted mess. Then you get to reverse and go back through the maze to get in the arena.

All in all, a great time, but my god, it could be so much more.

I can't wait for Dallas where they have HVAC, a sound system, a ginormous TV, and bathrooms with paper towels.
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