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Panama City

Not a lot to see from Santiago to Panama City so I didn't take any pics. Lots of cops in Panama so speeding is a very bad idea. Got into Panama city and my GPS was sending us the most complicated way to the first place we wanted to look at to stay. We drove right though the hood and I mean the hood. We went with plan B and headed to a hotel we knew there were some other riders at.

My second day in Panama CIty I took the bus tour of the city and the canal. Whim and Pete took it the day before and thought it was great. I strongly disliked it and would have been money ahead to just take a cab to the canal and old city. Not much else worth seeing and the things that were are a walk from any central hotel.

The Old City and Canal are worth seeing no matter how you do it.

The Old City pics

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This dude discovered Panama and apparently liked to be surrounded by naked dudes.

Panama skyline

The Canal. I have lots of pics and thought it was pretty damn cool. It is truly an engineering marvel. A big cargo ship and a cruise ship went through at the same time while I was there.

Cruise ship setting up.

Both boats

These little trains help guide the ship and are close to half a mill each.

It was a good day and glad I got to see a little of Panama. Off to the airport tomorrow to get the bike shipped to Colombia.

The whole deal is quite the process.

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