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Originally Posted by big-t View Post
The happy bike is broke....

Found this while washing the mud off after todays ride.I can only assume the light and fender have been vibrating until this happened.As far as I know its never been dropped or hit,however....over half of its 1400 miles have been on rough rocky roads.

I saw a rear fender problem coming not long after owning the bike.

The rear fender and license plate are really hanging down and flopped around a lot on rough terrain.
Kind of seems it might break off eventually. So I completely removed this metal bracket which is much heavier than it looks.
It was acting like a huge weight at the bottom of a pendulum.

I just drilled some holes above the old mounting as high as I could and fastened with wire ties.
They will hold till the cows come home--according to my dad---that's a very long time.
I've been using wire ties to mount license plates on my extreme offroad bikes for years----never had one come off.

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