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On feeding animals that retain some of their "wild ".
Once in my teens some friends and I drove my '66 Fairlane GTA east to Red River Gorge and on the way picked up sandwich makings and beer. In the gorge we went up the private road to Raven Rock. The road had been built up to the top of a pinnacle for tourism purposes before WW2.There was a small park at the summit and a caged bear was the only attraction beyond the veiws.
We thought it would be nice to share a beer with the bear. I poured one on one of the bars and the bear wrapped his tounge around the bar , not letting one drop be lost.
We went on to have our picnic of bolonga and cheese sandwich's and beer. After we'd finished there was half a loaf of bread left. And a hungry bear.
So. I climbed up on top of the cage that was half sunk into the hill and began feeding the bread to the bear. He was very gental and delicately took each slice daintily betwwen his teeth , never moveing in a way to raise alarm.
On the last slice ,I tore the bread in two halves . He took the first half as he had the others , but ,.on the second half he lunged his head forward and clamped down on the middle and ring fingers of my right hand. I pulled back as hard as I could but he held firm to my fingers. I don't know how much time went by as I stared into his eyes. He finally decided to let me keep my fingers and relaxed his jaw a bit. My sore fingers slid out from between his canine teeth bruised and missiing some skin.
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