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Originally Posted by Turkeycreek View Post
I'll skip the long and boring story about the '97 I bought last April but might actually get to see for the 1st time this afternoon.

The bike will be arriving without the ignition key. Incredibly, the key has fallen through a small tear in time and space that opened momentarily in an ordinary desk drawer and it is now in an alternate universe, trapped there forever. At least according to my son who had the key last.

A new OEM cylinder and switch is about $160. Not going to happen. Need a better option. If the cylinder has a number stamped on it, I have been told I can order the key. What after market/used options out there? there is an Emgo replacement but not for this model. Is there a cross reference list of Yamaha models that use the same assembly.

Alternatively, I could put a toggle switch in its place so I could start it and put a secret kill switch somewhere under a body panel. Other ideas?
I took the info on the ignition switch and my title (for proof of ownership and the VIN) to the local Yamaha shop and they ordered a new key for me.

Works perfect and was less $ than having a locksmith cut a new key.
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