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Well inmates, I have completed the mods on my 2000 KLR250.

After a couple weeks of research, I have finally completed the mods on the KLR. Around the holidays, I decided to start researching the best bang for the buck. After advise from other inmates, a couple websites and many forums, I decided on the following mods.

1) To increase the airflow to the engine, I a 2" square hole in the top of the airbox under the intake tube. $0...
2) I found a Cobra Pipe from another inmate for better exhaust flow. $100 with shipping,
3) Changed the Main Jet from the stock 118 to a 125. $7
4) Changed the Pilot Jet from the stock 35 to a 40. $7
5) Put in 4mm of washers on the Needle from the stock 0 washers. $4
5) Carefully drilled out the air mix screw cover and changed the turns from the stock 1 1/4 turns to 2 full turns. $0
6) I did a complete Carb rebuild w/kit while I was in it. $14
7) I did a valve adjustment while I was there. This was the first one I have ever done, and it was so easy it was ridiculous. $0
8) Change the stark plug. $4

Bolted everything back together and it fired on the first kick. After I rode it I thought it felt a little faster, but was not sure. So finally this weekend, my girl friend the main jockey for this bike got to ride it. She was able to hang with me between stoplights and she commented on the roll-on power that the bike now had. After witnessing the power with a lighter ride, I was amazed at the performance. All said and done I spent $136 and about 2 hrs of total time in work. This has been the best mod money I have ever spent on a bike. I have checked the spark plug to see how richer or lean it is running, and it is a perfect tan color. I have never did mods lick this and had such great results with no fine running after. It was dialed in with these mods.

Feels good to hit one out of the park with little effort.
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