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Originally Posted by Moparmanpete View Post
Ok gents how loose can I run my valves right now they are at spec .002 and .004 and the other day after a 35mile ride I went to restart it an hour later and the kicker was way too soft. I have NO decompressors hand nor kicker.
On another note I belive it is running lean at highway speeds and getting too hot.
Your valves sound like they are perfect and the kicker does get a little softer when the engine is hot which unfortunately makes it harder to figure out when your'e at the right spot to giver her a kick,

According to my manual, the stock jets are: primary #118, secondary #115, & slow #62. I am at sea level and I have an 87' California model which has all of the emission equipment removed and I changed my jets to 120, 118, & 65. Now she starts with 1-2 kicks every time and runs great even after fully warmed up. In my experience, these bikes seem to like lots more fuel than the stock jets allow.
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