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Part Two continued…still No Moe.ron

Onwards and upwards, temps dropping as I climb to the top of the Santa Ynez range.

On to the first stretch of dirt and not too bad, little wet, little slick, certainly a go

Climbed the peak to get a closer look at the towers, a good view of the surrounding mountains, Lake Cachuma and the ocean

It wasn’t long after that I arrived at
my first set of challenges…snow and ice covered roads

Where there was shade, there was snow. Where there was shade and tire tracks there was ice. The sun brought mud, nasty peanut butter like mud….clogged my completely insufficient tires and made going slow

I need studded knobbies right about now, if not sooner

Sure, I could’ve just turned around tucked my tail and gave retreat, but…..I love this stuff! The adrenaline goes up, the concentration goes up, the senses tingle and I am truly living in the now. push on

I learned a few things about traction and line selection that never occurred to me prior to riding a big bike on snow and ice. First, on snow…I always try to choose a path with fresh seemed to freeze to ice wherever a truck had already passed. Second, turn off traction control…but keep ABS helped me keep from sliding too much. Third, there is no shame in shutting the bike down and using the clutch as a brake while slowly pushing through a particularly icey section. Fourth, the smoothest line may not be the best line…I had times where there was just more traction down in a rut with baby heads than on the smooth stuff. Fifth, then I’ll shut up and just post some pics….when possible I just rode straight and slow

Now, my thinking may be way off and if you have different experience or technique by all means please share

OH! and when possible stay to the uphill side of the if shit really hits...putting her into the side of the mountain is so much better than off the long drop side of the road..

Way I see it now… the least amount of traction is ice on pavement; followed by ice on dirt, then mud and then snow…I was getting more traction on fresh snow than the mud

About 3/4s of the way through the road really began to dry out and become really fun

I still slowed and spider senses tingled when I got into shady sections. Rightfully so, you could see the dirt had a dull shine to it from the frost.



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