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Thanks, BMCiggy...

Yes, I see the attachemnt for the tank strap now, Pretty obvious if you know where to look. Not so much when I look at it from above and can't remember much of anything about how it came apart. I took pictures, made notes, and put all the little hardware in baggies, and there are still things I run into that I can't remember. Without a parts manual and a service manual I couldn't do anything.

Didn't seem like I got much done this weekend, I did fit the new wheel bearings, changed the front tire and balanced it.....

Installed the tire and mocked up the front calipers to get the right shim spacing while I wait on pistons and brake pads. Started thinking about the wiring. I had rewired it once and felt pretty good about it, but I think I may change a few things, so that will probably take awhile. Believe I'll add acouple of those LED running lights for better visibility. And I can't remember that much about how to put the rear wheel back on. I'm sure I have to take off the rear drive, but hopefully not the swingarm. I'll read up on it a bit first.

Have new brake lines on order too, although I made at least one new mistake. The new caliper I thought I had was actually for the front left, not the rear, so I think I need to order a new solid brake line for the rear caliper. The new one is the only one that wasn't all bent up.

Plus, I need to get started prepping the tank for paint. I'll use POR15 to line it, but first I need to go visit my painter and see whether I can afford that now or may have to wait a bit. I bought a convert tank off ebay that's a bit rough. If I can get him to paint that one, I could break in the bike with the original tank. Ideally I'd like to get the saddlebags and the front fairing painted too, but that may be a bit too pricey. They're black now and look fairly decent. I think black would go pretty well with the color I'm planning for the tank.

later, roy
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