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I am currently in planning phase for a trip from Fairbanks, AK to Seattle, WA this coming August for a friends wedding. What upgrades do you recommend for the trip? Do you think the Sertao is a good choice for the 4,000 mile round trip? I definitely will be investing in a set of those highway pegs, where can you purchase those at? Any advice and/or recomendations is appreciated. This will be my first very long distance ride.
I have over 30,000 km (approx 20,000 miles) on my Sertao now and it has been a fabulous long distance bike. I have had all the same issues everyone else seems to have had, but it seems to be finally sorted out now. I did a 14,500 km from Toronto to Mexico and back last spring and it handled it well. I do have the tall seat on mine (although I added it after the Mexico trip). The tall seat is quite a bit more comfortable and provides enough additional spacing to the footpegs that I no longer felt the need for the highway pegs as my knees were a lot more comfortable (not just my butt). I will probably eventually install wider footrests but this is more for comfort when standing. The only other advice I would offer is if you haven't replaced the front fender with the new updated one yet I would do that before your trip as the original can break without warning and really mess up your trip. As an aside i have also run heated jacket, gloves and boots along with the BMW heated grips, GPS and cell phone charger without any problems. With all this stuff on high the bike will only discharge if the brake light is on and the cooling fan is on and the rpm are low all at the same time. Good luck with your trip you'll have a blast I'm sure.

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