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'03 640adv troubles

hi all,

i have an '03 640adv with almost 30k mi on it. on my last ride, my hydraulic clutch lever began fading as my ride went on (of course it started when i was the furthest from home). at first it seemed to happen only at higher speeds (>50mph), and would feel normal after i slowed -- but then the fade returned, eventually at any speed. i got onto the freeway to get myself home with the fewest number of shifts possible, and after fifteen minutes my rear wheel locked up and the motor cut out. at 70mph. i pulled the clutch lever, but to no avail. i skidded over to the breakdown lane (it was an impressive distance, btw), checked my shorts, and got the bike into neutral and... it wouldn't start. turned over fine, but wouldn't catch. pushed it the last bit uphill and over to coast down to the next exit where i waited for my wife to pick me up.

i inspected the bike at home and took note of a few things:
-- fluid on the motor around where the clutch lever hose enters the gearbox (rh side, above sprocket);
-- fluid weeping around the shift lever/kick start shaft where it enters the gearbox;
-- when i cycle the kick starter a few times (slowly), i'm not sure i'm getting enough resistance (compression), though i believe i can feel when it's at the compression stroke. i'm not certain b/c i never use the kick start and haven't developed an accurate feel for it. i suppose i could compare cycling the kickstart with the decomp lever pulled vs not pulled (will try that tomorrow).

my initial thoughts are that gearbox trouble and engine trouble are two separate issues... but i'm new to this and wouldn't be surprised if i'm overlooking something. i would like to repair the bike myself, if possible, but am stumped at exactly where to begin the engine diagnosis. i know i need to check for spark and fuel delivery, but after that... what? is it possible i ruined my motor? when it turns over, i don't hear any new noises joining the usual racket that happens with an lc4, but as i mentioned, my experience is limited... does anyone out there have any insights they can offer regarding these bikes, with this mileage, and these symptoms (or any combination thereof)?

i sure hope i didn't kill my bike -- i'm kinda worried!

thanks in advance,

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