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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
Noisier bike is not any safer. 99% of drivers don't see or hear motorcycles, so you have to see them. Your best defense, besides being as VISIBLE as possible (I wear a white helmet and an orange vest) is to assume you are invisible, and everyone in a car/truck is out to get you, and ride accordingly. I'm 54, been riding on the street since I was 16, have owned 46 bikes, counting the seven I have now (2 are XT225s) have ridden over half a million miles, have never had anything but the stock pipes on any of the bikes, and have never been in an accident. Yes, part of that is just plain luck, but most of it is skill, experience, and the right attitude. Have you taken the MSF riders course?
+1, I have a few less years riding and although I have had just about as many bikes, I trick most bikes out and add aftermarket pipes. I would say that a few times my loud pipes have made a difference but not to moving cars. Loud pipes are great lane splitting traffic at the Mexican boarder lines to get people out of the way, otherwise they are just for the rider to enjoy.
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