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Originally Posted by neo1piv014 View Post
Suzuki would have to give me some serious motivation to buy a brand new one. If they made something that competed with the BMW Serato with FI, more body protection, and better highway manners, I might be tempted to buy another one.
I think you mean the BMW Sertao ... It's really not close to the DR650 in most respects. To start with it's 60 or 70 lbs. heavier, has spindly little 41mm Showa forks and still carries some of the problems the old F650's had. I'd be careful what you wish for. Have you ever bought a new BMW?

Now check the MSRP : $8670 (base)

Sertao claims to have 48 BHP ... so figure about 40 HP at the rear wheel.
It's a beautiful bike with nicer clocks and switches. It is no smoother on the highway than a well set up DR650. Biggest advantage besides looks ... it gets about 65 MPG.

The bike that comes closer is the Husqvarna Terra. About $800 cheaper, better suspension, lighter. Will either go 50,000 miles without trouble?
Dunno. Still a BMW product.
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