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update and question about XR500 and battery

Well, installed bearings in the rear wheel today! also, sold some XL600 parts to a 'new' friend and hopefully riding buddy, and recouped some of the loss.

So, I have a line on another basket case near me: 1984 XR500 (what I was told). Where does that bike fit in to the lineup of my 86 XR600, and the parts left from my XL600? Which one is it most similar to? What big ticket items would interchange and/or is it worth getting?

...I have the seat being redone by a local guy, sorry Z_S. He's only 1 mile from my new house so I decided to support local business - not to mention, if it's junk he can do it over and I'm not paying for shipping!

I'll have pictures as soon as practical.

Almost have the bracketry figured out for the speedometer and key switch. a lot of trial and error, but I think It will work.

If I'm going to use (which I am) a dry cell battery setup, Am I looking for a combination of 12 volts? how many cells is that? Anyone have a recommendation? Like a radio controlled toy battery pack or something?
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