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Originally Posted by TRAVELGUY View Post
I would like to see everyone that likes the DR650 to go buy a new one this year. That would inspire Suzuki to keep making and importing them. I HAD TO BUY A USED ONE LAST YEAR BECAUSE NONE OF THE DEALERS IN MY AREA WOULD STOCK THEM, and Suzuki was out of stock by late spring when I was ready to buy since they are not a high volume seeling model.

In all honesty, I would go to the dealer and buy one tomorrow, only issue is they are not available in Europe any more

Originally Posted by neo1piv014 View Post
I don't necessarily need something super fancy, but considering how big the bike is, it would be nice for it to cruise stretches of highway a bit better. From what I've gathered, they already make a more powerful engine based on the DR650 that they put in the Freewind. Just adding five or ten HP to the DR and some kind of token wind protection would be a big boon to me. As we've seen from the big bore kits, revised cams, and Suzuki's own Freewind, you can add power to this engine without adding hardly any weight or complexity to the bike. .
IMHO more wind protection means more plastics to break when dropping the bike off-road. Wind protection can be added to a bike if you wish, but in most cases you can't just take the plastics off a faired bike to make it more dirt worthy, so from my point of view the current form of the DR is the more versatile solution. Just my opinion though...

Originally Posted by Rob.G View Post
I've heard that dealers are selling as many as they can get. The issue is government regulations... emissions, etc. I had heard a rumor that 2013 or 2014 will be the last year of both the DR650 and DRZ400 in their current form. Supposedly there will be a new 450-based DRZ with EFI, and who knows what the DR650 will turn into.

The ADV market is huge right now; I don't see them discontinued at all; I just see them being reinvented due to regulatory BS, which could ruin what is otherwise a great bike. OR, it could be THE new standard, there's no way to know yet.
This could be the chance for re-introducing the DRs in Europe, they've been missing for 10 years now. I only hope they will keep it simple and light.
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