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It's just the Dakar/ French way...that's all.

Every year we get to a point in the Dakar where the organizers get in over their heads... juggling the theory of their stage planning against the unforeseen. They do the best they can trying to protect those most commited to their event first, and then their priorities trickle down to the least of their concerns.

The Dakar organizers take greater national pride in their race.

Obviously Robbie Gordon does not represent a major revenue stream for the Rally, so he's the least of their (ASO) concerns. BMW/ Mini Cooper and KTM obviously are very important to them. So they are going to get "home field advantage", something we in American sports witness daily and are all too familiar with in our pro sports programs.

As long as we know what to expect from the ASO Dakar organizers, we just take their home field implimentations as "it is what it is"...

It's still great to watch Robbie outrunning huge car sponsors day in and day out and what it represents... the little guy with the big heart beating up on the big corporate guys.

There is still 6 days left in this race and anything can happen.

Don't loose the spirit of this race yet... which is that anything can happen... and usually does. And against all odds, heros are born and reborn in this race at every stage.

That holds up even against all the home field stuff...
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