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Look....I like my Bling as much as the next KTM Pilot.....but...

1) Just cannot seem to justify the cost of most of the bike related units on offer......Between $250 & $700 depending on model and where to buy.

2) a lot of the stuff I see on other's bikes are the size of a ciggie eyesight's bad enough as it is and I'm not really keen on spending money on bifocals just so I can view an (overpriced gizmo) offence to those that have one by the way.

One of them mountable $15 mountable weatherproof GPS boxes/containers from Office works and my current Navman will do the trick I reckon.

I just need to find an adaptor that goes from the smallish KTM socket to a standard ciggie light socket and I'm done.
Anyone come across something like that?
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