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Originally Posted by LC4nicator View Post
Look....I like my Bling as much as the next KTM Pilot.....but...

1) Just cannot seem to justify the cost of most of the bike related units on offer......Between $250 & $700 depending on model and where to buy.

2) a lot of the stuff I see on other's bikes are the size of a ciggie eyesight's bad enough as it is and I'm not really keen on spending money on bifocals just so I can view an (overpriced gizmo) offence to those that have one by the way.

One of them mountable $15 mountable weatherproof GPS boxes/containers from Office works and my current Navman will do the trick I reckon.

I just need to find an adaptor that goes from the smallish KTM socket to a standard ciggie light socket and I'm done.
Anyone come across something like that?
Not a good idea mate.

1 - it will vibrate the crap out of your navman and fk it up
2 - it wont have a decent clamp system so again it will be sht
3 - with the sun shining you wont be able to see the crap screen and with your eyesight...
4 - if you find some cool roads and spots you wont be able to mark or waypoint them and with your memory...
5 - it wont tell you when a good time to go fishing is
6 - it wont mark your track so you have to remember where you have been and with your memory...

There are a million good reasons not to cut corners and get the cheapest option.

DEMONSURA - Montana has heaps of features Oregen doesnt for instance PROFILES and many more.

600 650 or 650t are the ducks nuts mate and made for ADV riding.

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