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Originally Posted by V_king View Post
hi, thanks for answer.

I am not as concerned about the crashes or constant static loads, as in my case I need a tower for travelling purposes.
I've seen in some ride reports people having troubles with their custom towers fatigue, from being bashed for thousands of km.
In this case I think harmonic oscillations plays the the greatest role in fatigue, as aluminium have finite life.

What about the thin walled steel tubes, as used in oem bikes, to hold all the instruments
have anyone tried using steel? more labour intensive for sure
This is indeed another matter. Vibrations can knock the hell out of everything, and as others will say even crash bars are destroyed on a 640A . A good practice is to put vibration absorbers in every joint so at least they absord the kinetic energy and the tower does not ''see'' the problem. You can even bolt absorbers in most places and they will absorb the vibration as the energy will flow through the easiest path. Steel is not good for a tower, imho, because it is heavier, (have you seen the weight of the front part of a 640A or an Africa ? ) and then it needs to be painted etc. Now that PE came into play, it will absorb better than any metal the vibrations and if it contains carbon black will stay intact from UV attack so it will stay there forever... It is also lighter and cheaper. You have to keep trying different materials. May be it is better to use plastic parts somewhere so they break, may be not You get the idea ..

@ Muecke,

For the design you don't need to pay anything, I already had most of it so it was really a case of modifying my part. The question is do you have a local manufacturer there or you want me to do the search ? I could easily find a Laser cutter for Aluminium, and he makes an excellent job, I have not yet been able to source a good sheet metal bender here so I would not wont to try it in your parts. Well, you could try but I think you will be able to source somebody there.
These manufacturers usually want the part in 3D, so I can either send it to you or they want the sheet flattened, they cut it using laser equip., waterjet or whatever and then, they proceed with bending.
I will be waiting for the measurements and we take it from there...
Let me know if you need any lettering on the part so I put it in the drawings so you have a nice engraving there

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