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Wow guys,
Nice ride route and great job with the ride report. I live in NW Atlanta and ride the North GA stuff all the time. A few buddies and I were just up around the FS42 and Cooper Creek area this weekend, and with all the rain we've had it was great....on a small bike (DRZ400). LOTS of side roads/trails and dead-ends up there.

I just sold the KLR and now have a Super Tenere, so I LOVE your route as I have been wanting to put something like this together for the big bike. I will INTENTIONALLY remove a few of your sections that I know I do not want to do with the ST - for instance Charlies Creek - I too took a swim in the river - from the direction you guys came, the left side is the deepest, and it appears you both found that out. Also Flatland, especially if it's a rainy day - note if you enter Flatland from the asphalt side there IS a no trespassing sign, but this is not true. The local home owners try to keep the bikes out, but the road is public to the dead-end, where you then enter the FS road - so it IS legal).

There are a bunch more roads in N Ga, TN, NC and AL that I'm sure you would put into your "great" category - we typically make one or maybe two trips up into the Maggie Valley area of NC for tremendous riding (again, small bikes - check out threads for Hurricane Creek - yahoo!!) You guys are close by....ever interested in riding, drop a PM and maybe we can put a ride together.

Again, thanks for the ride report. Great job. Motivating me to sit down with the route and tweak it a bit to better fit my ST desires (I really have no desire to do major off-roading with the ST, though I do have all the required/recommended goodies).

Will keep watching for updates.
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