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[QUOTE=HalcyonDaze;20478612][QUOTE=Cuttle;20477345] ...and second I pulled the seat of (by accident) on the previous "courtesy crash".

There are a few missing pieces to her story which I can fill in, because I was right behind her on the trail and saw the whole thing.

Conditions were very slick and muddy in spots, the kind of slick that will cause your bike to kick out sideways in a flat spot suddenly, causing a spontaneous moment of seat clenching pucker factor 10 'cause you just know you're gonna go down. Greasy slick.

It was in one of those spots up ahead of me that I saw her bike suddenly kick over and fall on its side, and she just kinda stepped off and was standing there looking at it, one hand on hip and the other on the side of her helmet, like WTF?, and the seat was stuck in the crack of her bum!

After a couple of seconds she must have relaxed because the seat suddenly dropped to the ground behind her. And that's the whole story of how she lost her seat.

that was the first one....
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