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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
THanks, I worked on that for about a year, mostly off, I think maybe about 10 hours of measuring and waiting, and measuring and staring.... FInally I get the set I decided on and of course there are some interference issues and one set of mounting holes are a CH off. My fault i'm sure.

When I started with SolidWorks, AutoCad didn't have 3d. I think my first version of SW was 2007. when I updated in 2009, I didn't know AutoCad had introduced 3d, but it didn't matter at that point. I'm frustrated though, that I can't export directly to DWG or DXF. I had to get my drawerings scaled by someone else before they went to print.
When you're a pioneer, you have to expect some hiccups, especially when measuring out stuff in space like that. If something didn't get a CH off in the process, it would be from sheer luck. Given the motivation and time to re-design, it could be close to perfect.

I was thinking Solidworks would export a DXF, but I guess it will only natively import. Maybe it was some third-party converters the mechanical guys would use to do that, but not sure. I'm a PCB CAD designer myself, but I did learn AutoCad when it first came out. That was before Windows came onto the scene; the commands in DOS and the commands within AutoCad we had to type in. At the time, it seemed pretty nifty. Now it would be considered an outrageous hassle! To "print", we used a machine called a plotter. It would draw by pen on paper, moving the pen back and forth in one plane and the paper back and forth in the other, pen up and pen down. An engineering marvel to watch, especially with a D or E sized drawing, it seemed blazingly fast. Despite zipping around like mad, though, it would still take minutes to draw out complex drawings.

That console is going to be so unique and useful for your application that perhaps you could have a market for it. Once you get it worked out and going, perhaps someone will request you to fab them one. Could be a great start to a business. What's this with the snow in the walkabout - that can't be en Mexico ni San Diego, verdad? Did you move up north into snow country??
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