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On a different track, while waiting the alien:


Sabine Moreau, a Belgian woman, 67, had to drive 150 miles just to get from her home in the town of Hainault Erquelinnes, to North Station in Brussels, where she reached a friend who had to collect. However, a failure in the GPS and the surprising lack of attention of the driver ended up making the trp on a trip through continental Europe ended in Zagreb (Croatia) nearly two days and 1,450 miles later.

"I was distracted, so I kept pressing the accelerator," she said after Moreau, who only realized she was going in the wrong direction when she arrived in the Croatian capital. "I've seen all kinds of signals, first in French, then in German and finally in Croatian, but I continued driving because I was distracted," she said.

During this unusual journey the woman stopped to refuel twice on the road and even suffered a minor accident and stopped for a few hours to sleep in the car. However, in the story told to the police, who had begun his search following a complaint from his son's disappearance, says she never became aware that she was on the wrong track. "Until suddenly appeared in Zagreb and then I fell into it and was not in Belgium," she said. "I admit it's a little weird, but I was distracted," she added.
Mme Moreau's twin sons, Kurt and Joan, couldn't help her as they are currently taking part in a motorcycle race in South America, the police stated.

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