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Originally Posted by toddzacker View Post
My girl friend had never ridden until August this year when she took the MSC & I bought her a KLR250. She loves it in the capacity that you listed above, but I ride a 1200GS. When we do weekend rides she hates trying to keep up. I am a very experience rider and try to accommodate her but some times twist the throttle to much. She has put 3000 miles on the bike in 5 mos just weekends & occasional evenings. I did the mods I listed above this past week an she is very happy to ride again. It has made it a little more peppy & with the right tires this bike handles well for a 110-140lbs rider. She is 5-10 so she needs the height also. My daughter is 5-4 & rides it fine but struggles on uneven ground stops. A good pair of boots with good traction on them helped that issue.

I will say I'm impressed with this bike for a beginner & light trail riding. Distance and highways are its enemy though. Good luck & write down the mods above so when she is getting and at you for taken off to fast or passing a car that she struggles to, you have the answer.
I'd hate keeping up with a GS on that bike too. I switch between a couple of bikes but am normally on my KLR650, and I ride that prety slow anyways. No worries there.

I checked out your mods, seem easy and cheap for what you gain. I'll be doing that for sure.

Originally Posted by dfye55 View Post
I'm 5-8 and plan to put lowering links in this winter. I read forks can drop three quarters inch before interference. Hope she is comfortable, but it might be a bit high even with lowering links.

I don't know about all day, but ive done hours at 65mph and had power left for hills and headwind, with stock gearing. I would not change stock gearing, need that high rpm torque for that speed. I hit reserve after 100 miles, mpg drops to 50 at those speeds.

Ive dropped it in the woods a dozen times. Usually hold throttle open, starts second kick, never a problem with all stock setup.

Good luck, its a great bike for a lot of reasons, love how it shines in the woods.

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She sat on one a couple of years ago and could touch pretty good, so I don't know where the height concerns are. I guess we'll find out soon. She weighs about 160 ish, so maybe it's sagging more? Not sure what you weigh.

Thanks for the responses, pretty much summed up what I was thinking. Hopefully the height isn't an issue. I keep reading here that it's tall, but when she sat on one she was fine. Unless maybe that one had a blown shock or the sag was wrong or it was lowered. I don't know.

First project is just going to be making sure she's comfortable and some maintainence. Valve check and stuff. See what she wants to do, I'll probably end up making a luggage rack, maybe a small windscreen. It's hard to say right now just how far she'll actually want to go. She wants to be able to haul some camping gear and follow me on my KLR. I'll carry most of the weight, just have some of the lighter and bulky stuff on her bike. Sleeping bags and some riding gear mainly.
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