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Originally Posted by davesupreme View Post
any way around it, that decision sux!... to give everybody who didn't finish pekkerhandels' time just doesn't seem right, you might as well cancel the whole stage, but then robby loses a bit of his gain.... basically that stage was a 3 car race?.... hard decision, i guess...

Well, no. It greatly benefits the 4-5 cars that did finish the stage. Their times were set, with no possibility of someone who started 6th or below from besting their time. These are staggered starts, remember. Sure, the likelihood of someone doing that from futher down the starting order is slim. But a navigation error or two and the top 4-5 can easily lose 30 minutes, allowing someone else to take the stage win. That wasn't possible when they gave everyone Peterhansel's time.

But its a huge complicated affair, and possibly the best way of handling it fairly.
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