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Originally Posted by kewlbyme View Post
How did the tear down go?
Still in progress- so far so good I'll post a full report when it is all done.

Originally Posted by Crazy Canadian View Post
Personally I found the bike to be running so lean at stock that I re-jetted it even before I add any of the discussed mods. I would not for a second attempt to add performance mods and not re-jet. Re-jetting is easy and the jets are cheap. Hell if I can figure it out then, you could probably train a monkey to do it. And besides that I doubt any of the performance mods are worth a damn if you do not re-jet to take advantage of them. If your desire to not re-jet comes from fear of messing with a carb, I am sure you could find someone on here who can help you with it. If you were closer to me I would have you pop over and we could have it done in a couple hours max.
We rejetted mine this weekend- it's really not that difficult- the worst part was figuring out how to get the carb of the bike- it's all back together now and the bike starts like a charm

Hey, does anybody know if #6 was important?

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