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Originally Posted by Greg Bender View Post
Nice find and great photos (I'll add them to the existing DR350 oil cooler photos on my website). I continue to like the idea of an oil cooler, though having thoroughly flogged my DR350 in the Phoenix summers, I'm convinced one is not needed.


Gregory Bender
I don't know at what temp oil starts to get damaged, so I can't say whether or not a cooler is really needed, but I can say it really reduces oil temps. When I built my bike I got an oil temp gauge from Europe (they don't sell them here). Below is a pic of it after a long steep technical singletrack climb (the long end of the needle is the one you read). Every time I got on singletrack the needle was in the red. There were probably a dozen times that summer when it went clear off the top like pictured below.

Shortly after that ride the clutch started slipping and when I replaced it, the center disks were clearly burnt. I found and installed the Jagg shortly after that and now when I'm on the really nasty stuff I'm barely above redline, but nothing near where it was before.

I hadn't seen that page on your website before. Thanks for pointing it out. Just curious, do you know how much DR. Z sold his oil cooler for?
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