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Originally Posted by Pablo83 View Post
I don't know at what temp oil starts to get damaged, so I can't say whether or not a cooler is really needed, but I can say it really reduces oil temps. When I built my bike I got an oil temp gauge from Europe (they don't sell them here). Below is a pic of it after a long steep technical singletrack climb (the long end of the needle is the one you read). Every time I got on singletrack the needle was in the red. There were probably a dozen times that summer when it went clear off the top like pictured below.

Shortly after that ride the clutch started slipping and when I replaced it, the center disks were clearly burnt. I found and installed the Jagg shortly after that and now when I'm on the really nasty stuff I'm barely above redline, but nothing near where it was before.

I hadn't seen that page on your website before. Thanks for pointing it out. Just curious, do you know how much DR. Z sold his oil cooler for?
I seem to recall $125, but I'm not certain about that.

I tried to buy some NOS parts from that other eBay auction from which I have photos. But, the guy never got back to me. Maybe he sold it all, but I've not seen it since (haven't looked, either).

I'm taking the "ignorance is bliss" approach and not installing a temp gauge. In the summer, I bet mine is up there a lot!!! :>

I really like the look of this kit. Since the guy lives in Scottsdale (very close to Cave Creek), I've often thought about seeing if he would be willing to make up a custom kit.


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